A trip to most luxurious city of United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirate is famous for its places and so many amazing destinations or you can say that it is basically the fun sector of the luxurious city of the whole world it has so many amazing buildings beach park hotels shopping malls restaurants man made Islands 5 star hotels 7 star hotels unique entertainment activities and many other things.

Capital city of United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi city is basically the capital city of United Arab Emirates so it is center of importance for everyone so the Abu Dhabi city is to sign in such a way that everybody is passionate to know about this city and want to explore it they design in such a way that it has modern buildings beautiful destinations beaches water park hotels for students and everything is so luxurious and beautifully designed.

Amazing and famous places to visit

There are so many amazing and wonderful places to visit in your Abu Dhabi city tour.

Heritage village

The most ancient and the old cultural attraction of Abu Dhabi city tour is Heritage Village which is the most knowledgeable or you can say that it is a Museum which has some crafts and ancient thing that will tell you about the old culture of United Arab Emirates some to arrest or peoples are the Explorer and they want to discover every countries culture so if anybody want to invent Explorer or discover the culture of United Arab Emirate they can visit Heritage Village Abu Dhabi which will definitely guide them about their culture Civilization norms values that likes dislikes their priorities their choices and everything it is designed in such a way that anybody can visit it.

Emirates palace hotel the most luxurious hotel

The next destination in your Abu Dhabi city tour is Emirates Palace Hotel which is the most luxurious Hotel built in the palace are you can say that if you will go there you will be treated like a queen king or in a proper royal style if you are in Abu Dhabi city start save your money for a royal treat in the beautiful Emirates Palace Hotel along with different yummy and delicious lunch with so many choices that will definitely touch your taste Buds and make them fond of it very soon.

Sheikh’s palace a proper royal standard house

The next most luxurious and shocking destination to visit in Abu Dhabi city tour is Sheikh’s Palace Sheikh Mohammed is the billionaire person and its Palace is very beautiful and luxurious and it is the attraction for tourist in the palace he have a huge collection of cars the palace is well built full of luxury and all kind of new advanced technology available there

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