Four Tested Tips for Travelling to Barcelona

Many soccer fans take advantage of all the flight deals to Barcelona to see their favourite teams play. However, there are many other reasons to visit Barcelona since it is a beautiful city. You can easily see most of the city in just a few days. Here are four of our tested tips for travelling to Barcelona.

  1. Book Your Cheap Barcelona Flights and Event Tickets Online

If you are planning to visit the big Gaudi site, La Pedrera at Casa Mila, Park Guell, and La SagradaFamilia, you should make sure that you buy your tickets online well before your trip. This can avoid you missing out on seeing these sights. Online tickets can also help you skip the lines at many locations.

Flights to Barcelona costs can change depending on the time and the day that you are booking your trip. The best way to find flight deals to Barcelona is to keep an eye on the websites that offer discounted flights. The earlier that you can book, the more options that you will have for cheap Barcelona flights.

  1. Tapas and Sangria

Barcelona is full of great food. So, trying all the amazing food that is on offer does not need to be expensive. Tapas plates allow you to try many dishes without the high price tag of having to order the whole dish. Sangria is a popular drink to have with Tapas, but you do not need to order a glass if you are not a fan. Most restaurants and cafes will have daily Tapas plates, making it easy to try new food. Some restaurants like El Tastet de L’Artur will have an all you can eat tapas menus that you can enjoy.

  1. Stay in The City’s Centre without Spending a Lot

Many tourists like to stay in the centre of Barcelona, so they will pay a huge amount for a hotel room. However, you can stay in the same area without spending hundreds of Euros every night. Services like AirBnB make it easy to find rooms and even full apartment rentals at cheaper prices. You can also stay outside of the city centre to save even more money. The metro system covers the whole city, so you can stay in the suburbs and find a train station nearby to take you to and from the city.

  1. La Boqueria

La Boqueria is one of the largest markets in Barcelona and is located off La Rambla. The market is made up of local vendors who sell everything from local vegetables and fruits, to cheese and meats. Everything at the market is fresh, and you can easily try new food. You can also find sweets and treats at the market if you have a sweet tooth.

Barcelona does not need to be an expensive city to travel to. There are many cheap Barcelona flights year-round, which make it easy to travel to the city. Barcelona is a great city to visit if you want to relax and enjoy a few soccer matches.