Some Important Tips to Visit Rome on a Little Budget

Visiting Rome is the dream of almost everyone. This old city is a city that has a very long history, even started since before Christ. Rome is an amazing city carrying a vision of mystery, romance, and history. No matter where you look, you will hear or read about the unique and exciting events of Rome. Rome is an important city in today’s world as a Catholic center and has become an important part of the world’s history which includes an existence of 2500 years. The birth of Rome according to whether you listen to a legend or note begins somewhere between April 753BC (based on legend) and the 9th century (based on ancient records).

Remembering Rome means remembering the Colosseum. Located in the middle of Rome’s city center, the Colosseum can be found on the east side of the Roman Forum known as a square spot with the ruins of ancient buildings. These attractions can be visited every day from around 9 am to 4 pm. Average tickets for adult visitors are priced at around 12 Euros. Quite expensive for some people but anyway, you are not considered to have visited Rome without visiting the Colosseum. Of course the Colosseum is not the only interesting sights in Rome as you can find Piazza Navona, the Spanish Steps, the Villa Borghese, the Trevi Fountain, and of course the Vatican, a Roman Catholic country surrounded by Rome!

Many people assume that traveling to Italy, especially Rome, requires quite a lot of money. This assumption is not entirely wrong because Rome is one of the cities with the highest cost of living in Europe. But you do not need to be disappointed because you can travel in this city without having to spend too much money, of course if you follow our advice in this article.

Choosing Big Bus Sightseeing Tours or Open Bus Rome Cristiana Hop On Hop Off Bus Tours

Both types of services are intended for anyone who wants to enjoy the various beautiful sights of Rome without spending too much money. By using the bus then you do not need to be preoccupied with various taxi fees that sometimes drain your backup. You do not need to check each map carefully and then wait for your cab at the curb. What you will need to do is book a tour bus ticket online, sit back and enjoy the views of Rome. To choose the best between these two cheap services then you are suggested to look for some references related to Rome City Sightseeing Bus tours vs I Love Rome Panoramic Rome Tour vs Rome Cristiana Hop On Hop Off Bus Tours.

Buy Rome Tourist City Passes

As you will be preoccupied with the many attractions in Rome, the pile of tickets is the last thing you want. You certainly do not want to be troubled by the activity of flicking through the ticket sheets to find what you need. You need a practical solution and that is Tourist City Passes. This is an “entry card” applying on many places as well as tourist attractions in Rome. Using this card you can save on your travel expenses as well as your time.

If you decide to use Tourist City Passes in Rome then you will be faced with several options; Roma Pass, Omnia Pass, Vatican Rome Card, and Rome City Pass. Each offers the convenience to explore Rome of course with several points as a differentiator. Whichever card you choose, it will offer not only the convenience and discount on every visit but also the convenience to access any designated location on the card. You do not need to look for a bus or taxi ticket every time you need to go to the places of choice as the cards also include transportation along with a map and some information regarding places or tourist attractions visited. However each card has its own specificity, suppose if you focus more on a visit to the Vatican maybe the Vatican Rome Card is best for you. To assist you in choosing, you need to read some references about Roma Pass or Omnia Pass or Vatican Rome Card or Rome City Pass.


By applying the smart steps above then you can enjoy Rome completely without the need to spend a lot of money. Thrifty travel has become a lifestyle for most travelers all over the world.